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Education for a Lifetime

The Waldorf curriculum forms an ideal framework for social and intellectual growth. Our school culture values social and environmental responsibility, reflecting the progressive and culturally diverse town of Santa Cruz. Children do meaningful work indoors as well as outdoors in the yard and garden. Children are taught to work for the love of work itself and for others, to enjoy the strength of their bodies and their connection to the earth and to one another.

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.”
-Rudolf Steiner

Parent Tot

Our Parent-Tot Program is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the classroom and for parents to learn more about the rich, developmental approach of Waldorf education.
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pre k kids finger painting

Pre Kindergarten

Through movement, crafts, and domestic activities, the pre kindergarten child is helped in taking hold of his/her body and learning to use it more skillfully.
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kindergarten kids in the pond


The rhythm of the Kindergarten day may appear very simple upon first glance, but a deeper look reveals children deeply immersed in creative play and imitation.
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grade school Kids with boats


The elementary education leads, in incremental steps, to an ever more observing, experimental and creative attitude to learning…
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Upcoming Events

Join us in celebrating our school, educating our families and benefiting our community.

Featured Events

Waldorf Alive! A Walk Through the Grades

Join us for a guided tour around our beautiful campus. We will briefly observe each class in session starting with Kindergarten through to the 8th grade followed by a thirty minute Q&A. This is a two hour, adults only tour.

Morning in the Kindergarten

Spend a morning learning about our unique approach to supporting the development of young children. Your 3- 5 year old is invited to explore our kindergarten and share in the kind of activities we do daily such as bread baking, ring time, puppet shows, and more.

Adults will hear a brief lecture on Waldorf kindergarten and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Space is limited so please make a reservation by contacting our Enrollment Department at or calling 831.425.0519

Important Dates

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Preparing for Life

The New York Times sparked national media coverage with its front page story on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education.

Silicon Valley School with No Computers

CNN’s Dan Simon reports on how Waldorf schools use a no-technology approach and how it’s attractive to high-tech parents.