Events at Santa Cruz Waldorf

For Families and Our Community

Below are our festivals and fairs coming up for the year. We do hope you will be able to join us on campus for either the Winter or May Faire. These events are a true celebration of all things Waldorf and a throwback to simpler times. Our Strings Assemblies are open to all enrolled families as well as our 8th grade project presentation in the Spring. Please also see our upcoming tours listed below.

Winter 2023/24

December 2nd 9-10:30am | Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood

December 9th 11am-3pm | Winter Faire

December 20th | Winter Assembly

January | Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood

January | Walk Through the Grades

February | Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood

February | Walk Through the Grades

Fall 2023

September 13th 7pm | Back to School Orientation

September 30th | Fall Festival

October 7th 9am | Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood

October TBD 4-6pm| New Parent Mixer TBD

November TBD| Walk Through the Grades

November 4th 9-10:30am| Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood

November 14th 5-6pm| Lantern Walk

Spring 2024

March TBD | Walk Through the Grades

March TBD | 9-10:30am – Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood

March 28th | Spring Assembly – Enrolled Families + guests only

April 22nd | Earth Day – Enrolled Families only

May 3rd| Grandparents & Grand-friends Day

May 4th | 11-3pm – May Faire – More Information

May TBD| 8th grade projects

May 18th | Spring Forward – Purchase your tickets HERE!

May 23rd | Strings Assembly (4th-8th grade) – Enrolled Families + guests only

Summer 2024

May-June | Class Plays

June TBD | Kindergarten End-of-Year Festival – Enrolled Families only

June TBD | 8th Grade Graduation

July | Summer Camp

“I love Waldorf, because it’s the only place that I would want my children to be other than home, where they are being raised and held and they thrive.”

Krista Cook

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