A letter from Alumni Zeke Floro

Current Parent, Graduate Class of ‘85

“The Santa Cruz Waldorf School is a truly sacred and magical place with a warm and nurturing environment. These aspects make it feel more like family than just another grade school. With its breathtaking campus, dedicated faculty and staff, and proven curriculum that uniquely integrates the arts with academics, this school is the complete package. Waldorf education raises compassionate, inquisitive, artistic leaders of tomorrow that the world so desperately needs. 

Waldorf education fosters respect for other cultures and traditions, an appreciation for arts and crafts, and a fascination with nature and how the world operates, all of which are accomplished through a deeply immersive and experiential approach. There is a big difference between learning about botany in a classroom and sitting in a field of flowers with a sketchbook examining and drawing the parts of plants, or the difference between being told to settle down in your seats every day versus learning balance, poise, and grounding by practicing eurythmy body movements with copper rods atop your head! 

Personally, Waldorf has given me a lifelong love of learning and the tools to succeed. After attending Waldorf, I went on to become a high school valedictorian, which was followed by undergraduate and graduate degrees, a master’s degree and now a doctoral program. Earning these additional degrees is less about affixing fancy new titles than it is about becoming genuinely transformed by learning in a way that can benefit others.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”