Preschool Director

Aaryn Lowerre is a mom of two wonderful boys, and a Waldorf teacher and healer. She got her BFA at UCSC when she was 6 months pregnant with her first son. She started her journey studying to become a Waldorf teacher in 2010 at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks and obtained her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher certification in 2014 and MA in 2015, all the while working at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School. She started out in the Lavender Kindergarten with Teacher Richard and then in 2015 became the Director of the Preschool. After Aaryn gave birth to her second child, she decided to be a stay-at-home Mommy and moved to Seaside, CA.  Aaryn has spent the majority of her life outside enjoying nature, having been born to a couple of nomads, she lived half her life in the mountains and half at the beach. She loves many activities including yoga, walking, contemplating, hiking, biking, back-packing, skiing, snowboarding, and just being in nature. She loves to explore, travel and learn about other cultures. She’s also an avid bookworm who enjoys reading studies on children and consciousness, health and anything written by Rudolf Steiner of course.

As a reiki master Aaryn strives to bring her healing energy into all that she does which is one of the reasons she came to Waldorf Education, as it is first and foremost a healing education. She has always been an advocate for an education of the whole child, of freedom, and one that honors the child and their individual needs. She believes that as children are as unique as fingerprints, there is not only one way to educate a child, it takes time and patience to help the child find their own personal balance in life. Being steeped in Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy and the holistic Waldorf way, she is dedicated to honoring each child’s essence, helping them to discover their own talents and gifts.