Chorus, Recorder, Ed-Support Teacher 

Anne Cleveland began her Waldorf journey in the late 1950s, with her mother, who unbeknownst to everyone, was a secret undercover Waldorf teacher. With an eye for grace and beauty she filled Anne and her two brother’s lives with music, art, games, dance, humor, silliness and a curiosity about the world from the get-go. It was in the late 70s when Anne was introduced to Waldorf Education through her nieces, who attended the Sacramento Waldorf School. In 1990, after receiving her BA in Music from UCSC, and working as a full-time musician for 12 years, she started Waldorf Teacher Training at the San Francisco Extension Program. Upon graduation she became the 6th grade class teacher at Santa Cruz Waldorf School, which began her almost 30-year association with the school. Anne was a class teacher for 10 years, and other roles have included Faculty Chair, College of Teachers, Spanish & Music Teacher, Tutor, and Remedial Specialist. Anne has also delivered many parent-support classes on topics such as Thriving as a Waldorf Parent, Clearing Clutter to Calm Kids, and the Power of Play.  Anne currently teaches Music & Recorder to the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades at our school. Anne loves dancing salsa, singing & playing classical & world music and gardening!