Preschool Assistant

Emmanuelle grew up in the city of Tours, France and studied as a double major Foreign Languages (minor in Spanish) and Journalism at the University of Tours. She moved to the US in 1991 after working for Stanford University in France and found her home in California. She worked at Berlitz Language school teaching French for a while then worked at Oracle Corporation for many years, first in Marketing then co-managing their philanthropic foundation. Before her daughter Anaïs came along, Emmanuelle worked at Netflix for 2 years, checking and creating subtitles in multiple languages. Since being a mother to Anaïs, Emmanuelle has discovered a passion for working with young children and in December 2020, she accepted the offer to work along with Hailey at the Rosebud Preschool. She has thoroughly been enjoying working with Hailey at the Preschool since and, when not on campus, can be found on Santa Cruz Mountains trails hiking and running, or mushroom and wildflower gazing. Emmanuelle lives with her 9 year old daughter and their sweet cat Singhe in the Santa Cruz Mountains and enjoys gardening, cooking with her daughter, camping in the Sierras and spending time with friends.