Parent Child Teacher

Shannon Magnante has taught and assisted in Waldorf settings since 2009. She had a most fortuitous opportunity to be immersed in Waldorf education and learn pedagogy from 4 master
teachers as she was employed for 5 years as kindergarten assistant at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School. Within that time she attended Steiner College in Sacramento and became Waldorf
teacher-trained in the early childhood stream. She then went on to work for Shea Maloney at Shea’s Home Playgroup on the Westside Santa Cruz, where she assisted for 2 years and led for
one. The potency of Shea’s program, the deep learning of spiritual aspects of Waldorf pedagogy and tricks in classroom management hoisted her into a readiness to hold something of her own.
She then took over an already existing preschool called Little Roots, where she redesigned the program to be her own. Having led the class in the past, Shannon is now back at Santa Cruz Waldorf and excited to be leading the Parent Child Classes again this year.