Handwork Teacher

Kerry studied fine arts at Cabrillo College and earned her livelihood as a seamstress for many years. She began working at the SCWS in 1984, first as a parent volunteer, and then in the Aftercare Program. She substituted as a classroom teacher, taught handwork classes, and became a full faculty member in 1994. Kerry enjoys teaching children and adults alike and is dedicated to bringing the joy of the creative process to her community. She credits her alternative upbringing with imbuing her with the inspiration, self-reliance, and ingenuity that she is so eager to share with her beloved students. Kerry has a depth and breadth of handwork knowledge and her skills and talents include the following: quilting; doll-making; hand-spinning; felting; silk painting; Hawaiian quilting, and paper crafts. She is also an avid knitter. Kerry is a devoted ocean lover and is the mother of four children, all of whom have attended the SCWS.