Lavender Kindergarten Lead Teacher, Faculty Trustee

Descending from a long line of teachers, Richard Corbal made one vow growing up; to never become a teacher. This was before he met Waldorf Education.

Richard graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1999 with a degree in Visual Art/Photography, and took up employment as an artist and content creator in various realms of art, design, film and creativity. After a chance conversation one evening with a co-worker about Waldorf education, Richard attended an information evening at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California,  followed by a tour of the Kindergarten classrooms.  Richard signed up on the spot to begin the Teacher Training program starting up in the Fall, and a year later Richard and his family returned to Santa Cruz, where he resumed his teacher training through Rudolf Steiner College, and earned his teaching certificate in 2011. A brief stint as an assistant teacher at a local Waldorf Inspired preschool led Richard to the Santa Cruz Waldorf School and was soon hired thereafter to lead a new Preschool class and Parent/Child group.

12 Years later Richard continues his commitment to self development and study of child development through the Waldorf lens as lead teacher in the Lavender Kindergarten. Richard is also an active member of the College of Teachers, a participant in school/community life through various committees and Board of Trustees work and is also a parent, with a recent graduate from SCWS and another child in the 1st Grade. Richard’s hobbies include: creating art, woodworking, home repair/improvement, playing music, surfing, family time and daydreaming!