3rd Grade

Since stumbling upon a small Waldorf initiative for her three children in the deserts of Arizona in 1996, Jodi Casey’s passion has been Waldorf education. She has been a parent, board member, administrator, consultant and volunteer for Waldorf schools both nationally and internationally. Jodi completed the three-year Waldorf teacher training program at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training as her children were students at the San Francisco Waldorf High School. After substituting and assisting at the San Francisco Waldorf School for two years, she took her first class at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School in 2013, which she graduated in June of 2021. Jodi began with her second first grade in fall 2021.  Jodi’s favorite part about being a Waldorf teacher is watching children grow, develop, and discover themselves through the diverse, artistic, and edifying curriculum. When not contemplating how to best meet the needs of her current group of students, Jodi and her husband enjoy hiking, traveling, exploring food, and spending time with family and friends