2nd Grade

Shea Saint John Is a Certified Waldorf  Teacher. She began her training in Upstate New York and completed her K-8 training at The Waldorf Institute of Southern California. Shea also has a Bachelor’s of Science, cum laude,  in Early Childhood Education (Birth to Grade Three). She is currently in her first year  of her Masters of Education program at Antioch University where she is specializing in the TSHE healing arts . Shea synthesizes curative educational practices and traditional Waldorf methods and has worked in many Waldorf settings- most recently The Lake Champlain Waldorf  School in Vermont.

Shea gratefully joined SCWS this year and returns to California following multiple generations of her family from pre-colonial times. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her five children (ages 27 to 7) camping, hiking and being outdoors. Shea also enjoys many practical arts, small scale biodynamic beekeeping and hobby farming.